Phones should be allowed in school

Phones were invented through lots of science and research and can be a privilege. Some students are taking advantage of this privilege, and some are using this privilege responsibly. Why should all students suffer on the behalf of an irresponsible minority?

I believe that phones should be allowed in school for various reasons. I believe that if there is an emergency in progress and there is no time to get to the office, you could use your phone to call contact your parents or guardian.

Another reason phones should be allowed is if you are walking to your bus on school property, already on your way home, but you left your phone at home due to school rules. How could you contact your parent or guardian that you are on your way home or that you are safe.

Also, some students ride the bus and parents sometimes forget in the morning to let the student know that they are going to pick them up after school instead of riding the bus. All of these are reasons to at least bring your phone to school.

Phones are banned from VMSS for various reasons, one being that students don’t need your phone in a place of learning. Another reason is that kids our age sometimes don’t listen in class because we are on our phone. Some other reasons may be not having enough person-to-person communication. Instead, we’re Facetiming or just using social media apps as Facebook, Twitter or even Snapchat.

These are all worth thinking about, but there are more positive things outweighing the bad thing about having phones at school. All students shouldn’t be punished for the other students not paying attention. All could make a difference by paying attention in class with the privilege with having phones in school.