Valley wrestlers win district tournament

What a season for the Apple Valley Middle School wrestling team! They started the season as an average wrestling team, but in the end they ended up winning the District 196 tournament. During the tournament, six teams competed, including the Apple Valley Eagles. In the end, the Eagles won with 36 entrants and 278 points.

When the Eagles wrestling team began the season, there were 137 wrestlers. On the day of the District 196 wrestling meet, there were 6 scratches, which means 6 wrestlers could not wrestle. That means that the eagles entered the district meet with only 131 wrestlers. Those 131 wrestlers were separated into 35 brackets: 26 4-man brackets and 9 3-man brackets. All 131 wrestlers fought hard and wrestled their way to the District 196 Championship.

Their final score from the District 196 tournament was 278 points. In second place was RMS with 215 points, and in third place was SHMS with 183 points. The competition was good and the tournament was hard, but the Apple Valley Eagles fought their way to a District 196 tournament win. It was a great achievement for all the wrestlers, even the six that couldn’t wrestle, to win the district tournament. All of the students from the team said that they had a really fun time at the district tournament.

When they started the season, they were just a normal wrestling team. As the year progressed, they improved greatly. They had a great year as a team, and to cap off the season, they won the District 196 tournament.