Dance team dominates halftime

This year an estimated one hundred and three million people watched the Super Bowl, and many of these viewers were just as excited to watch the halftime show as the game. Valley Middle also has its own halftime show with our very own performers, the dance team!

Valley Middle’s dance team performs every time we have a home basketball game. Sometimes in past years the dance team has had costumes if they don’t have a lot of members. This year they have 24 members, so they just dance in their pink dance shirts and black leggings. The dance team performs different dances, sometimes jazz and other times hip hop. They have 6th,7th, and 8th graders who all enjoy being on the team.

Spectators who have seen the dance team performances think they’re a wonderful addition to the game. “They did a fantastic job,” 7th-grader Riya Mukerjee responded when asked about the performance. Another spectator, 7th-grader Faith Dougan, also found the show entertaining. “I think the dance team does really well and has a great variety of dance styles in their one dance,” she said.

It’s not only the audience who enjoys the performance, but so does the dance team. Kathryn Xiong, 7th grader and dance team member, said, “I love performing because when I dance I’m expressing myself.” When asked what she likes most about the dance team she said, “I love that everyone always tries their best on every performance and gives a smile to the audience.”