Ambassador program offers chance for community involvement


Photo courtesy of VMSS 7th grader Lauren Foss, center.

Students at Valley Middle South may have seen a poster or two for the Eagan Funfest Ambassador Program. Whether it’s in the halls, during after school activities, or in class; it is certainly creating quite the buzz among Valley South students. The question they are asking is, what is the Eagan Funfest Ambassador Program all about? 

The Eagan Funfest Ambassador program is a program for boys and girls between the ages of 10-19. It is a year-long commitment from the time you are crowned, to the time you give up your reign and the newly crowned ambassadors take over. The program is used to help strengthen community connections through parades, festival attendance, coronations, and volunteer work. This helps build awareness to community organizations and civic duty. There are 5 current ambassadors this year, who include Aaron Kabat, Jillian Anderson, Lauren Foss, Madeline Cherel, and Julia Carstens. Although there are only 5 this year, there can be up to 6 and as few as 3. Julia Carstens, one of the current ambassadors said, “I’m very happy I joined the program, it’s a great opportunity to meet new people and do new things.”

There are two different types of events, volunteer work and appearances. Jillian Anderson, another one of the current ambassadors, said, “Appearances are parades and coronations, where we visit and interact with other royalty. Volunteer events are where we are there to work and help better our community.” Events are typically throughout the Twin Cities area, however, there have been 2 events in Wisconsin. Some of the volunteer events include the Halloween Hodgepodge at the Eagan YMCA, Holt’s Farm in Eagan, the Eagan Marketfest, and more! Some appearance events include the St. Paul Winter Carnival coronation and parade, West St. Paul Grand Day parade, and of course the Eagan Funfest parade. “My favorite event was the Hopkins Raspberry Festival Coronation. As ambassadors, it was our first coronation, and it was great to mingle with all the royalty,” Madeline Cherel said after being asked what her favorite event so far has been.

“The candidacy was stressful, but worth every second,” Jillian Anderson said. “I encourage everyone to try out, it’s definitely something everyone should participate in.” The candidates participate in several judged events including 2 parades, volunteer events, and interviews. The candidacy starts in early May and ends in early July with the coronation. A panel of judges chooses ambassadors based off of their public presence and social interaction. Social skills, communication, attitude and volunteerism play a part as well. These go along with poise, manners, neat appearance, friendly personality, and commitment to the program. The program is open to anyone who lives in Eagan, Apple Valley, Burnsville, Rosemont, Mendota, Mendota Heights, or Sunfish Lake. This means most people who attend VMS, can participate in this program.

If you would like more information on the Eagan Ambassador Program or how to become an ambassador, please click on the link below. You can also talk to Lauren Foss about any questions you may have regarding the program at school.