Local Burnsville charity helps save MN babies


Photo by Maddie Eng

Many Minnesotan families find themselves in a situation where they have a baby, but not the appropriate resources for them. Whether it’s clothes, food, blankets, or more, Bundles of Love, a local Burnsville charity, hopes to stop that in Minnesota, and possibly beyond.

Bundles of Love started off as a home-run business, at the house of Mary Jo Prinson in 2000. Back then, it was just a small group of volunteers, sewing 4 to 5 Bundles of Love items a month. Now, it’s a multi-site charity organization, who make about 200 bundles a month. Per site, there’s 100+ volunteers, and an avid vision of helping all the needy babies in the world. Volunteer Nancy Morgan commented on the needs of the families they serve, saying she has seen a lot of families with an unexpected baby and no money to support them. She states, “I couldn’t think of a better way to use my time.” Burnsville leader, Janene Meisch says the need for their products is surprising.

I couldn’t think of a better way to use my time.”

— Nancy Morgan, Bundles of Love Volunteer

Speaking of surprising, here are the current statistics. Meisch says they deliver almost 4,000 bundles a year, and that isn’t even reaching close to the number of babies in need in Minnesota, not to mention the world. On the topic of expanding, Meisch says that she would love to expand. It’s a dream of Meisch’s, and the other volunteers, to help more and more babies every year.

On top of helping all of these babies, many people enjoy the camaraderie that happens while working together in this environment. People of all ages can, and do volunteer, using their skill sets to better the world. Morgan says that Bundles of Love gave her purpose, and many more friends, throughout the time she has volunteered there. The friendship and happiness is evident as soon as you open the door. You can hear the laughter across the room, or see two people in the corner smiling, while stitching up a quilt together.

Bundles of Love is on a mission. Their vision statement is to have a world where every newborn has access to the basics. On top of changing the world, people develop a newfound joy at Bundles of Love, Morgan believes. “It is friendly, resourceful, and a grand old time.”

To get involved, visit: http://www.bundlesoflove.org/burnsville/