At The CC: Community Center entertains local kids


Photo by Da'vion Trotter Ford

Valley Middle students are thrilled with the local Community Center and its variety of activities. There are four courts and eight total hoops. Two of the courts are sports courts, but a ball is not required. The Community Center supplies balls, but they must be kept in the area. People can shoot hoops on their own, or get together with friends and play a game together. The Community Center is a great way for students to connect.

Regarding activities that aren’t basketball, in the main area there are couches and vending machines. There are also drink machines, that supply sodas, sport drinks, and water. A device charging station is available as well. They provide a multitude of different cords if you forget yours. There’s a playground and a swing set outside for younger kids.

For hockey players, there are hockey rinks that they freeze during the winter. Ice skaters can take advantage of an ice pond during the winter as well. There’s a big field to start a football game or soccer goals to start a soccer game. For Halloween, they have many craft areas available for public use. Circles of Safety, an informational meeting, is to inform you how to stay safe while on social media, in real life, and other activities. Kids of all ages can be safe and have fun at the CC.