A VMSS Halloween includes variety


Graphic by Anya Gann

Halloween was quite the spooktacular holiday. People all over the world celebrated by dressing up in creative costumes and getting bags full of candy. Some people went way over the top, but others kept it calm and casual. No matter how people have celebrated, Halloween was, and is, a great way for people to come together and have fun every October 31st. This past Halloween was no different for many VMSS students.

Many VMSS students enjoyed trick or treating. They walked around their neighborhoods in fun costumes and received free candy. When asked what they were for Halloween, costumes ranged from bacon to a rockstar fairy. Sixth grader Gabriella Yeager says that she ”enjoyed dressing up this year with her friends and family.” People of all walks of life enjoyed having fun in their community, making new friends, and meeting some new faces. Each student expressed themselves in a unique way through their costume.

Parties are fun and I enjoy the food.”

— Landen Kampf, 7th Grade

Some people had parties on Halloween. Parties are a great way to have fun with your friends if you think trick or treating is too childish. Sometimes, hanging out with your friends and laughing with them is all you need to transform your weekend. You can also do a variety of things at a party without doing all that walking. “Parties are fun and I enjoy the food,” said seventh grader Landen Kampf.

However, not every student celebrates the holiday. Some people didn’t celebrate because of religious reasons, and some had a nice night with their families instead. VMSS teacher Mrs. Mersy sewed costumes for her grandchildren and stayed in for Halloween. People used their gifts to contribute to people’s nights, even if they didn’t celebrate themselves. Whatever our students or staff did, they all found a way to have a good time.

Halloween has proven over and over again to be a fun holiday. It brings joy to many faces. This Halloween has been great, and we hope that each Halloween will be better than the last. We had festive trick or treaters, spooktacular party goers and people having a great night at home. This year’s was another awesome VMSS Halloween.