AVHS girls varsity basketball show off their skills

Last month was an interesting day for the girls basketball division at Apple Valley High School. With the 9th grade team losing 82 to 6, the sophomore team, and JV all losing. The Apple Valley Varsity team (5-2) prevailed in victory over the Prior Lake Lakers (2-4) 70-57. Young players on the rise stepped up in these games, such as Kalena Myers and Chyna Young. Kalena Myers is known as a defender, and her challenge on Friday was 63 point scorer, McKenna Hofschild.

McKenna Hofschild is the 5’4 Prior Lake guard. She is a D-1 recruit and has committed to Seton Hall. She is ranked 150 in the whole nation, as well as holding many school records. She also has the most points in a career (1,973). Points in a season is the first and second (857 and 667), 3’s in a career (245), and 3’s in a season first and third (94 and 66). Known to be a craftsman on the offensive side, but defensively she’s subpar. Defense is what’s holding her back from Notre Dame and UConn. These elite D-1 schools are going to expect you to be clamping people especially in high school. Another issue is her height— she is exceptionally short. Being 5’4 is a slight disadvantage, she’s going to have to play with the height she has, and find a way to play through it.

Chyna Young is known as an all around player and good teammate. Kind of like how LeBron James makes everybody around her look better. Eight points per game Mykel Parham at 6’2, she has a great chance of leading. Her athleticism has gotten her a D-1 offer from Creighton. Averaging 7.8 points per game. Kalena Myers- 12 points per game. Known to be 3-D (a defensive player who can shoot). These players have helped to start a trend of winning at Apple Valley High School. Especially for girls basketball.