Staff Feature: Mr. Shoop


Will Shoop is a janitor, but not just any janitor. He is the Building Chief of Valley Middle, Dakota Hills, Eastview, and Southview. He makes sure the school is clean and also confirms the construction is safe from structural damage. He determines whether or not the facilities are in proper conditions and checks the maintenance. Mr. Shoop got the job on April 7th 2016. He started to work as a janitor in July 2014 and started as Building Chief immediately when he was hired by Mike Shanti. He works five days a week, one weekend a month, nine hours a day.

Will Shoop’s previous job was to be in the carpenter unit, which was his first job. He loves to fix objects or facilities, and clean, sometimes he listens to music when he tidies up the facility, usually country. When he was little he wanted to become a race car driver, but his dream stopped once he reached high school, then he he wanted to become a cleaner or a fixer. He started to do the carpenter business as soon as he left out of high school, then he became a janitor.    

He loves Sci-Fi books, although he doesn’t have a favorite book or a favorite author. His favorite holiday is Christmas because he likes to spend time away from school sometimes and maybe spend time with family. He listens to country music when he cleans the school. He admires the color green; it represents the earth and the beauty within. He wants classes to clean up after themselves. He doesn’t enjoy it when people don’t tidy up when they are fully capable.

Most students think he cleans the cafeteria, but he doesn’t. He cleans up classrooms and hallways instead. People hardly see Will Shoop because he’s everywhere; he could be at a conference, or outside, at another school, or anywhere he goes. He shows affection and devotion to his job as Building Chief, but the one object that would make his job complete is if students were to tidy up and clean up after themselves.