“Our Heroes” Art Contest

The “Our Heroes” contest was created to let some of the future students of Valley Middle express their artistic voices in a meaningful way. Students from the elementary schools Cedar Park, Echo Park, and Southview were offered entry to the contest and invited to draw their hero and what that person means to them.

One of the contest winners from Cedar Park is Ella Olson with her beautiful drawing of her hero, Whitney Houston. Ella wrote, “Whitney Houston accepted everyone and helped people no matter what.” Ella and many other students showed their art skills while expressing who their hero is and why they are important to them.

Piper Thiede, another winner from Southview who drew Vincent Van Gogh. Piper wrote, “Vincent Van Gogh is my hero because he inspired me to draw.”

Giving these young students a platform to showcase their artwork will encourage them to keep expressing themselves and share who their hero or inspiration is with the world. Who is your hero?