Study Tips to Rock the Finals


Are you struggling with studying for the upcoming finals in Trimester 3? Can you not concentrate? Are you doubting yourself? If you identify with one or more of these, then a study guide is what you need.

When you are studying for finals, use the review if your teacher hands one out. Fill out the entire thing to make sure you understand every area of the subject. If there is a subject you are struggling in, ask your teacher for extra help. More than likely they will help you. Almost all of your classes will have some sort of final, so if there is a part you are struggling with, ask your teacher or a friend to help you.

If you want to study at home, listen to calm and relaxing music. Study in a chair, not a bed, or a couch for they will make you droopy and it will be harder to study. So study in a chair with a desk or table in front of it, sitting up straight helps clears your mind and lets you concentrate more. Study somewhere quiet, like the library, or your room, or anywhere else you find relaxing. If you are home and you are struggling, but no one is home, look on Schoology and check links, updates, notes, upcoming, etc… If you can’t focus when studying, take a break for about five minutes, it helps reset your mind and let’s you focus more.

If your teacher doesn’t give you a review, study on your own. Look at the vocabulary, the subject, and make Flashcards to help yourself. Every now and then it helps if you have a partner to talk with and help each other along to way. Study for finals and avoid procrastinating, it doesn’t improve your grade. This can be used for other things, like big test, or MCA’s, or even in high school. At times those little school hacks can really work and enhance your grade. If you see something missing or a test score that is really bad, fix it, it can boost your grade. Use these tips to increase your grade and make school a little easier.