Girls soccer team strives for improvement


Abigail Noll

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

This commonly-used quote resonates with not only soccer, but with life as well. The VMSS girls soccer team has been working very hard this year. The girls have been continuing to work together and encourage each other. 

The VMSS girls soccer team season has been going on for a while now. They have practices from Monday through Thursday. In practice the girls do drills, run a lot, and do scrimmages with other teams. All these good practice habits for soccer can relate back to the classroom. “If you don’t do well on a drill you do it again until you get better, same thing with school for example if you’re not good at a math concept you do it again until you get better.” Says Mr. Roseen, the girls A team soccer coach.  

Mr. Roseen has been the soccer coach for 17 years. He coaches the girls A team. “ Throughout the seasons the girls continue to work better as a team,” Mr. Roseen. He says that some of the leaders on the team are Abigail Noll, Melina Cha, and Rileigh Lamberson. Each of these girls know how to motivate others on the team that may not be as confident of players. They like to have fun and they always work hard. 

Throughout the seasons the girls continue to work better as a team”

— Mr. Roseen

Rileigh Lamberson is an 8th grader on the team and a very strong leader. Rileigh has been playing soccer since she was in kindergarten. Raleigh says “I am verbally a leader by using positive words and actions towards my teammates”. When asked to give advice for younger girls looking to join the team Rileigh said, “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or that you could mess up. Failing is a good thing because that’s how you learn. Go out and try your very best!” 

In conclusion the girls soccer team has been coming along well. The girls have been working hard and will continue to work hard throughout the season. Soccer has many practice habits that can relate back to the classroom some advice for both would be don’t give up when it gets hard, stay motivated, and stay positive.