Meme History: Stonks


MEME HISTORY WITH Keegan and Brennan

Today’s meme is “Stonks”

What is it? What does it mean?


Stonks. Yes it is stonks, not stocks. A meme that represents the stock market, it dates back to 2018 on Reddit, but has only gained popularity a few months or so ago. While this represents the stock market going up.

 They feature a line graph on the background of the stock market, a stock photo body of a salesman, and the head known as “Meme Man”!

Meme Man is a badly animated head used for surreal comedy parodying older rage comics from the early 2010s. He was made on 4 Chan. A Facebook page called “Special Meme Fresh” used him as a mascot for the page for a while before he made his way to reddit in 2018.

Not Stonks:

     This side of the meme represents the stock market crash, or bad choices it self. When something good happens, stonks could be used. When something bad happens, not stonks, could be used. This could also be represented by stinks which has the same meaning. In the above meme, the salesman knows that he made a bad sales decision.

Combine the head with a stock photo man in a suit, then the line graph and a chart of the stock market behind him creates a businessman that has made poor sales decisions that he has not realized.

Here are a few examples:

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