The World


My heart is going crazy and beating so fast

I feel like I’m about to crash on the floor,

I’m on the floor and looking and looking

there’s no place to call home.

Mass pain, no gain I’m riled up it’s all a game

with evil characters and evil people in the world.

How can anyone sleep when they shot someone’s little girl? 

The mother goes to the funeral and cries



When you see someone looking for the truth

The truth in their eyes when your walking and get


And beg and cry people will be looking and

they’ll walk by leaving you to die 

Then you 


Then when you hear it you start to cry going

Depression, misdirection, non-confession

You’re too busy crying you don’t notice your face is

all wet and you push your loved ones out of the


And you start to pray, your coming back from 

the misdirection then the next thing you know 

your spilling confessions but then you start to


And you slowly go back to depression then you 


Your god’s creation and your resisting temptation, soon your finally free your suffers



Most relentless after all that resisting

Your living the life your given this is me

and after all of this I feel truly free