Helpful tips for getting your homework done

Do you struggle with getting your homework done? Do you never have time for anything else? Do you always have missing assignments? Well, I asked my advisory what they do to get homework done and I was able to get some helpful tips.

Piper Trudeau

Tip #1:

Take out your backpack and do your homework before anything. If you get home and then watch YouTube for an hour, then your mind won’t want to get off your electronic(s) and doing homework will seem depressing so you won’t want to do it. The more you get into this habit, the harder it is to break it.

Tip #2:

Take breaks. If you don’t take breaks and just keep pushing yourself, then your brain will get over stimulated and you’ll be frustrated. Possibly resulting in you have mini-breakdowns. 

Tip #3:

Give yourself rewards. If you don’t reward yourself, then your brain will see no point in doing the task which might make your mind wander. Giving yourself a reward to look forward to keeps you focused on the thing

Tip #4:

Don’t listen to just any music. Sometimes, music with words (like pop or rock music) can get you thinking about the words and singing them and not thinking about homework. So try listening to classical music instead as it doesn’t have any words, and it might help you think more. 

Tip #5:

Constantly look at Schoology. You never know when a teacher is going to post something and not say anything about it. It also helps to keep up with your assignments, avoid lagging too much as this will create unwanted stress.

Tip #6:

Always make a list. Then you know what to do, and when you’re able to check off something from the list, it gives your brain a sense that you are accomplishing something good.

Tip #7:

Try to put all distractions in another room. Putting your phone on silent is extremely useful and beneficial. Put every little thing that might be a distraction into another room. If you have younger siblings, find a spot where they won’t bother you. If your home is too crazy, ask your guardian to drive you somewhere (library, cafe, etc) where it is quiet enough for you to work on homework.   

I hope this will be able to help you in some way to get your work done and on time.