Breathe…don’t think about how school is harder to learn than Japanese.

What’s happening…I went to choir now all of sudden I can sing …,but that don’t mean nothing to me because I have this I don’t care mindset about school, it makes the hours longer but I don’t notice, I need home motivation but I go unnoticed … by my parents I bet their life is so easy.

The essay man I have to do…boo boo the fool, man I love rap songs that rap about tools…not knowing every negative thing that I consume in my brain, will bring me favorite rapper what a shame? It’s never a game they talk about f school that’s the mentality you start to have about school, then you get f’s from falling behind…. you and your parents wonder why … listen never have that I don’t care mentality.

It gets you nowhere, talk to me if you need motivation, I can help with any situation but you’ll always have to be patient because I’m human too. One time I was depressed I was the same as you, but it’s okay because when you feel like you have no body… I got you.