Student Spotlight: MBDA Honor Band


You may have seen that on the Friday announcements put together by The Eagle’s Call,  we mentioned four jazz band students in their student spotlight. The four students were chosen by the Minnesota Band Directors Association (MBDA) to join them in a one day honor band. Some of the best jazz middle school musicians from all over the state audition, and many fall short. To learn more about the process some of Valley’s most talented musicians went to to join this prestigious group, The Eagle’s Call got an exclusive interview with David M. Miller, one of Valley’s band teachers and directors. Take a look!

Q: Who were the four students chosen?

A: The four students chosen for the state honor band are Sean Litterer, Aidyn O’Hare, Ross Dershem, and Anya Gann.

Q: How were they chosen?

A: “They completed a very challenging written audition that was recorded. Then deemed to be the best players among the state.” – David M. Miller

Q: How many people are chosen for the honor band?

A: There are 20 students from all around the state.

Q: What happens during the day?

A: They go through Sunday rehearsals all day a few weeks prior to the concert. They then get together the day of the concert to practice and refresh, and perform at the end of the day

Q: When and where is the concert?

A: The concert is February 14th at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

The Eagle’s Call congratulates Sean, Aidyn, Ross, and Anya for a job well done! We look forward to hearing their awesome music in the future!

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