Movie Review: The Rise of Skywalker

The Rise of Skywalker is the third installment in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Rey, Poe, Finn, C-3PO, and BB8 reunite and go on a mission to save the galaxy. Since Rey and Kylo Ren communicate through a force dyad, ( the way they can talk when they are far away from each other, see the others surroundings, and even fight.) they talk several times through the force. As Kylo tries to find and capture her, (failing multiple times) he realizes she is not who he thinks she is. Throughout the movie, Rey realizes that there is a way to fight the destiny people have made for her. It also got into some of the other characters pasts a little more (one of the past jobs of a character is very surprising). I think this movie was a perfect end to the saga. There were some losses and many sacrifices, and in the end, I almost cried (multiple times).

This movie started out very well. It started with action and a few main characters not there, making people wonder what happened to them. Then it showed all the characters missing from the first scene on a planet far away.

It also showed Leia (Carrie Fisher), but because Carrie passed away, they used CGI to put her in the movie, and when she had speaking lines, they used lines from other movies, making her answers to people’s questions vague and mysterious.

Overall this movie was pretty good. They gave the characters more of a backstory and brought the saga to a close in a way that made the characters feel like family. The ending was a little heartbreaking, but the alternative would’ve been much worse.

This movie is not for children. I advise having them close their eyes at some parts (near the end) or not bringing them.