Top ten gifts of the decade


As the holiday season just got done and it is the start of a new decade, we decided to recap and research deeper into the best selling holiday gifts from each year in the previous decade. From toys to electronics, let’s go!

In 2010 the top selling gift was Zhu Zhu Pets. Zhu Zhu Pets (shown above) are robotic, soft animals that move around and make noise when put on the floor. During the holiday craze, they retailed for $9, but later around $60 because of item shortages. You can also buy tracks, houses and different features like a pizza place for the pets.

The top gift in 2011 was the Wii U. It is basically a video game controller with a touch screen along with it, a more technical, modern twist on the original Wii created in 2008. Even though the product sold well, they discontinued it in January, 2017. It was replaced with the Nintendo Switch. People definitely had mixed reactions on the product.

In 2012, the most popular gift was Beyblades. Beyblades are spinning toys that fight in a plastic tub. I’m guessing part of the reason they were very popular is mostly because of price, Beyblades are very affordable compared to other gifts like electronics . The toy was first released in July, 1999. They started in Japan and traveled around the world all the way across the United States of America.

In 2013 the top selling gifts was Furbies. Furbies are an electronic, robotic plush toy that resembles an owl or hamster-like creature. They were released in 1998 by Tiger Electronics, but became very popular in the early 2010’s. An app called Furby Boom made the toys really popular, as it is an app to interact and play games with your Furby through an electronic device. A big reason for the popularity is the Furbies ability to develop as an animal through its voice.

2014’s top selling gift was the metal detector. Even though they have always popular since created in the 1960’s but they experienced a rise in sales around the 2014 holiday season. Metal detectors are devices used to scan over the ground looking for metal objects and other mystery. When something is found it will beep or signal you in someway. Metal detectors are on the cheaper side but can get expensive if you want to purchase a quality one.

The top selling gift in 2015 was Bunchems. Bunchems are small plastic balls that stick to each other. You can create your own animals and objects. Spin Master, a company based out of Canada, released the product aimed for younger children in August, 2015. Bunchems are definitely an affordable gift depending on the size you get. Sizes vary but depending the size you purchase, the price will get more expensive.

2016’s top gift was slime. The gooey, oozy, substance that most parents hate. Even though Mattel first came out with it back in 1976, it made a huge comeback in 2016. You can stretch, poke and mold it into different shapes. Most people made it homemade, but you can buy it store bought or made handmade by different people.

The top selling gift in 2017 was Spheros. Spheros are robotic balls that you can program or run off of an app on a device. It was first launched December, 2011 but had huge sales in 2017 as people were using technology more in their lives. In 2015, Spheros made a deal with Disney to create a Sphero based on BB8, R2D2 (Star Wars characters), and Lightning McQueen. The Disney collection was discontinued in 2018 after their collab ended.

2018’s top gift was a hoverboard. Hoverboards are travel devices that require great balance, people usually use them for fun. Many different brands produce them including Razor, Jetson, and Swagtron. Most hoverboards are normal but some come with different attachments like colorful lights and a go-cart attachment. Even though they do seem pretty safe, there have been instances of hoverboards catching on fire, but that issue has been mostly solved.

The top selling gift in 2019 were AirPods produced like Apple. AirPods are still very popular to this day, but had a great selling season in 2019. They are wireless headphones that you can take calls through and listen to music with. They were first released December 13, 2016 but recently Apple came out with generation 2 AirPods, which provides features like wireless charging.

That wraps up the top gift from each year of the past decade. Hopefully you learned more about some of the gifts that sold crazy during the past holiday seasons. Let us know in the comments what your favorite gift you saw in the article!

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