Behind the Lyrics- Trampoline


The song, “Trampoline” by Shaed is a song that was released on May 18 of 2018. Trampoline quickly rose to fame after being used in a MacBook commercial in October of the same year, and in 2019, took the number one spot in the Billboards for Alternative Songs. Today, we’ll look at the lyrics and try to break down the true meaning behind the song.


Verse 1, Part 1


 I’ve been havin’ dreams

Jumpin’ on a trampoline

Flippin’ in the air

I never land, just float there


The introduction is quick and simple. The person talking, whether it be a boy or girl, has been having dreams. We can also quickly infer that the reader has quite the imagination, as they “never land, just float there.”


Verse 1, Part 2


As I’m looking up

Suddenly the sky erupts

Flames alight the trees 

Spread to falling leaves

Now they’re right, upon, me…


The flames in this song are a representation fears, and as the flames spread, the fears become larger and larger. The singer has spent a while running away from them, but now has to face them.




Wait if I’m on fire, 

Why am I so deep in love

When I dream of dying

I never feel so loved…


They are waiting for their fears to consume them, and are,confused on how life works. In the end, they realize that their biggest fear is the thought of death, as they “never feel so loved.”


Verse 2, Part 1



I’ve been having dreams, 

Splashing in the summer stream,

Trip and I fall in,

I wanted it to happen.


The singer has finally embraced their fears, and is accepting everything that terrifies them. 


Verse 2, Part 2


My body turns to ice

Crushin’ weight of paradise

Solid block of gold

Lying in the cold

I feel right at home…


The singer has realized that accepting their fears is a good thing, and that their fears are a part of who they are.


The song “Trampoline” is about getting over your fears, and realizing your fears are what makes you, you. I hope you enjoyed this article, and I’ll see you in the next one.