Top 10 things to do in Quarantine


You might be sitting at home right now thinking about what you should be doing, because it is so boring being at home all day with nothing to do. Well, we have the solution for you. Here is the Eagles Call’s top ten things to do while in quarantine!

Starting at number ten, take a nap! If you stayed up late binge watching your favorite show last night, you deserve a good nap. Or if you had to do some chores, once you are done go lay down! You deserve it.

Next up coming in at number nine, cook or bake something. It’s always fun to make a treat or cook a meal. Cook something for your family or bake them a sweet treat! But don’t forget to clean up your mess after.

Number eight, FaceTime or call a friend. We all are missing our friends right now, but who said you can’t call them? You can catch up, eat a meal together or just talk. It always helps when you can see someone you miss for the first time in a while.

Here at number seven we have, clean your room. We all procrastinate this task, but it needs to get done. If your room is already clean, the move things around. Turn on some music and get to work!

Number six, complete a puzzle. If a regular puzzle is too easy for you try a Rubix Cube, Sudoku, or a crossword puzzle.

 Number five, take pictures. Document this time so you can look back on it later in life. Take a journal out and write down what’s going on that day. Write what you did, if you want, write down the number of cases in a specific state or the whole country.

Number four, read a book. It’s always good to sit down with a good book. Try and set a goal on how many pages you read each day that you read. You can also read to a younger sibling if you want.

We are in the top three! At number three, go outside. The air isn’t toxic. It may be a shock but the outdoors can’t kill you. Get some fresh air. Go for a run, play basketball, walk your dog. Go outside for at least half an hour everyday.

Number two, play a board game. Better yet, play board game that takes time to finish. Like Monopoly. Or play a game of Clue, Life, Yahtzee, Uno, Dos, Payday and many more. The list could go on for forever. 

Before we share the number one thing to do while in quarantine, this is your friendly reminder to, WASH YOUR HANDS!!! We can’t stress this enough. Wash your hands to prevent the spread in your home. 

Finally, in the number one spot, watch a movie or finish your favorite show. Get your popcorn and snacks. Your water (stay hydrated) and get all of the comfy blankets you can find because you have time. 

There you have it! Those are our top ten things to do while in quarantine. Let us know what you have been doing to pass time! Have fun and stay safe!