Car crash

She’s bloody

He’s dead

She’s running

Shards of glass in her head

Lights flashing

Cop cars dashing 

Pain running through her skull

He’s cold, he numb he’s gone

Her hearing going dull

Broken glass through the windshield  leaving a big hole

Parents screaming names

Hoping this was all just one big game

He will never hear his name again

Lying there motionless and dead

Her bone and meat exposed gushing out her knee it bled

He was lying on the grass in front

He flew out the window far ahead

He died from one big drunk stunt

Medics reach her by then she was out

Her:  Numb and brain dead

Him: Gone forever, dead

That road where they laid for hours 

Cold, clanging for life

That one mistake to drink 

2 people out of 11,000 people this year