Butterfly Effect of Us


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Amy Tong, Guest Poet, 8th Grade

I look over the prairie,

Yet shocked at what I see,

There is nothing in sight, in less it’s imaginary.

No animals to watch carefree.

No flowers to smell.


The beautiful fields had to bid farewell.

How did this happen, out of the blue,

Just how did everything dispel.

Where did it all go to?

After all, there should be Gazelles leaping


And bugs creeping.

But it is empty, because of ourselves.  

It is funny how one little thing can change what is in the recordkeeping.

How everything is controlled by something else.

That even one animal that could go on, but can’t.


One plant.

The old insect that flew.

Can kill a whole environment.

No matter what we do,

No matter how hard we try,  


How hard we deny.

It will never be the same,

Because of us turning a blind eye.

We came,

We saw,


And we ruined.

Now the thought we can’t reject.

There may never be another living thing, because of you and

Another Insect.

No more studies on animals to submit.


We caused this,

We could have prevented it,

We could’ve stopped this,

But we refused it,

Because we thought we were,


But we weren’t, it was just a blur.

We were only making it worse,

Because not everyone was there.

Only a few people dispersed,

And they tried as hard as they could,


But they were misunderstood.

Others on the sidelines,

Said that “others would.”

“They” did not have to meet the deadlines.

It would not be their fault.


“It is not my fault”,

“I did not change the backdrop”,

“They” would put a halt,

But you have to stop and realize.


That you could be the “they”

You are the “they”

We are all the “they”

Everyone is the “they.”


That will ruin the butterflies

In a great effect