Being a Girl

Muna Mohamud, Guest Poet, 8th Grade


What does it mean to be a girl in society? 

To live in a man’s world being scolded for sitting slantingly

To see countless ads screaming at her to lose the weight 

Or telling her to gain it like she didn’t just puke the meals that she ate 

It’s heartbreaking 

To see videos of young girls crawling in their skin 

To wish they weren’t the way God created them instead 

They want to be that girl 

The beauty standards pushed on them to be that girl 

Maybe they’ll get touched up so they can be that girl 

Oh my god I have to find that dress she wore, that girl 

What beauty product did she use, that girl? 

Lose ten pounds more to be that girl? 

It’s sickening 

That us girls are bringing each other down constantly 

They pick on a girl viciously 

Then when she posts a pic, a million people jump to the comments instantly 

It’s bittersweet 

That the rise in hate is unlocking the Pandora Box of low self esteem 

That being a feminist is now a bad thing 

But mark my words 

This man’s world is going down, crumbling 

The society’s standards will be lessening 

Because when us girls stand up 

Breaking basic bewildering standards to be benevolent 

Will we truly rise