From the Day

Katie Jovanovic, Guest Writer, 8th


From the day she was born her brain was ticking 

Itching with the desire to be more

Do more, see more, think more, hear more

From the first moment a book was placed in front of her

She was captivated, controlled, cast into calloused waters

Waters that submerged her under, inhaling her until the story was over


From the first moment she could write 

She began spinning tales from somewhere buried in her soul

Pouring every drop of emotion and energy in the story she wove

Stories where she was the hero

Stories from deep in her heart 

She was the knight saving the day

In brilliant bold armor, that helped brace her against a constant berate of words

Pouring every drop of emotion and energy in the story she wove


From the first moment she truly saw the world 

She wished she could do more, be more 

Help in ways only superheroes could

Fighting off evil whatever small

Evil creatures manifested from our nightmares 

Manifested because of our nightmares 


Curing the pain in the world

Saving us from ourselves

From our own monsters 


From the first moment she stepped on stage 

She found another calling 

Loving the ways she could become someone else

How she could pretend to be more

When the bright spotlights hit her

And she transformed her face 

Bringing emotion into the eyes 

Using relatable feelings from before

Moving in the way the character would 

In the way only the character could

Not pretending to be the person

But being the person 

She felt truly alive


From the moment she sang 

She let every second of hope and despair drown the outside

The music a shell protecting her inside

A melody always in her mind

Tunes dancing through her soul

Shielding her from herself


From the day she was born 

She was fighting her own demons 

Demons dragging claws of her own deepest dark fears 

Fighting with swords of music, and friends from stories

A constant fight she had yet to yield

A fight that would rage inside her forever 


From the day she was born 

She felt so much more than she thought possible 

Each emotion a tidal wave that carried her 

Consumed her until only that emotion remained

From the day she was born 

She was kind

Her heart too big for this world 

A world in which her treasured heart is stolen and used time and time again

Stolen by pirates who pretending to be friends 

Pirates who held a mask of comfort 

A heart which repeatedly puts others before her


From the day she was born

Her tale was epic where she thought it was dull

Promising, when she was deep in her dark despair

Hopeful, in even the worst of her mistakes 

From the day she was born

She promised she would try her best 

And from the day she was born

She has done just that