Insecurities are only in your head

Insecurities are lies

Insecurities will make you doubt yourself

We always think about appearances and hope people like us

“Will they like my clothes and my hair?”

“No one really likes me, I’m only here out of pity.”

“Will someone ever truly like me for who I am?”

These are just the regular thoughts of a teenager

We feel like we aren’t good enough

We feel like we are ugly

We feel like we will never be loved for who we are

We change our personalities, appearances, and ourselves

Because we think it’s the only way to be loved

But let me tell you something

Someone out there loves you

Your family, your friends

So find a friend or family member who will love on you 

Someone who will do anything for you

Someone who will tell you that you are special and unique

Someone who will never, ever doubt you

Because it’s true

You are special

You are unique

You are perfect the way you are so don’t ever try to change