Scariest Day of My Life

By:Fiona Hanna



    Has your back been in pain that it felt like you got stabbed 100 times? Then your car slips on ice on an exit? It was a chilly morning in January 2019 when my mom woke me up around 7:00

 I told her,

“Mom it’s 7:00 why are you waking me up?”

She explained,

“You have an allergy test to take.”

I sighed,

“Really what do we do there?”

Then my Mom explained,

”They put 36 needles in your back with different fluids to check if you are allergic to anything.”

Well I thought in my head,

“I absolutely hate needles,and of course I had to get 36 of them”

    I groaned,

” UGH, do we really have to go?”

    I thought to myself,

 “Are you kidding me I hate needles UGH.”

My Mom insisted that we go. So I got ready, we hopped into the car and drove to the doctors, they did the test and.

The doctor said,

”Well Fiona you are allergic to peaches, apples, apricots, birch trees and fur from animals.”

The doctor also told us,

”None of the allergies you are allergic to are that severe you might get a cold, or an itch in your throat or tongue but that’s it.

I whispered to my mom, “That’s why when I used that apricot face mask, it gave me an allergic reaction.”

On the way back we went to Mcdonalds because I felt like I could eat a horse. On the way I was peaceful. My back hurt a ton, and I was playing a game on my tablet and then SWOOSH! The car went slipping on the ice and we were on an exit. The car was going in circles for like 5 seconds but it felt like a million years. Luckily the cars behind stopped. I started crying but I stopped later. When I arrived at school I went to sit down and then, 

 my friend Sam yelled,


I got so scared I started crying again, I got to go home instead of school and the rest of the day was easy.

I have never trusted anyone to drive again because everytime I go into a car I think of the same incident.