NFL Team review


NFL fans everywhere are enjoying this season of football. With new players fresh from the colleges and returners from previous years. One thing that really stands out this season though, is the uprising of some of the league’s (usually) worst teams. From the Tennessee Titans and Buffalo Bills, to the Chicago Bears and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Speaking of the Buccaneers, Tom Brady seems to actually be doing somewhat well with that trashy team. I would have thought they would give up on him instantly.



As for our home team, the Minnesota Vikings, they suck to say the least. They are fourth to last in the entire league. They are losing to teams that are also not succeeding like us. The Green Bay Packers are doing well at a successful 4-1 record. The Chicago Bears are leading the division with a strong 5-1 record. The NFL is definitely a strange place this season, but a good place none the less.