A Kind of Helpful Guide to, “Avatar:The Last Airbender”


Warning: This article will have spoilers to season one of Avatar: The Last Airbender. If you would like to watch this show peacefully, please do not read.

Avatar: The Last Airbender —  this show is immaculate in many ways. Let’s start out from the beginning of this story. This story starts out with two siblings, a boy named Sokka and a girl named Katara. From the beginning, I could tell that Sokka would be a fun character with a witty personality. Though I like that part of him, there was another side to him I didn’t like. He was sexist. Talking about some “girls can’t,” I didn’t like that part of him. He was so rude to Katara too.

Katara is the only water bender in her tribe. A waterbender is a person who has the power of manipulating water in any form. Katara at the beginning of season one was not the best water bender but she did what she could without any guidance.

In the show, the siblings break an iceberg and to their surprise, there was a living twelve-year-old boy STUCK IN THE ICEBERG.  His name is Aang. They become besties for the rest of the season. Although Aang appears to be twelve years old, he is actually one hundred twelve and the avatar (surprise!)

Sokka, Katara and Aang decide it’s a clever idea to…drum roll, please… SAVE THE WORLD FROM THE MOST POWERFUL NATION that decided it was a good idea to.. how do I say this.. get rid of an entire nation!

And speaking of the fire nation, there is a crazy bald-ish dude with a ponytail (I swear he has a glow-up just wait) named Prince Zuko. He is with his funny tea-loving uncle, Iroh. Zuko is trying to capture the avatar for honor and for his father’s love. Did I mention that his father is the fire lord? Well, now I did.

So while we are mentioning things, I just gotta say that Katara’s mother was killed by the fire nation and that fact is brought up MULTIPLE TIMES throughout the story. So then, Sokka stops being sexist because some fangirl named Suki beat him in a fight, they take like a million pit stops and then head to the northern water tribes so both Aang and Katara can learn northern style water bending. While they are there, Sokka finds love, his love turns into the moon, some old sexist man literally gets the sexism beat out of him. And then some crazy fire bender guy tries to kill the moon. And then he doesn’t and instead dies. Then it’s Book 2!

Please comment if you would like part two thank you!