Katarréei Kóposi Book 1 Chapter 3

Will ada survive?


Chapter 3

Ella rushes in concerned, she picked me up, lied me in bed, and tucked me in. I woke up three hours later and Ella is sitting up next to me looking down as I gaze up at her. I had started crying my eyes out because I am in excruciating pain and I just want it to stop.

After I had composed myself I ask Ella, “What would you say if I had to make an emergency trip to France where I grew up, I wouldn’t know how long I would be gone, and you wouldn’t be able to come with me?”

She spontaneously responded with, “You just shattered your knee cap, and I would like to know what this is all about. The sudden urge to fly to France,” She looked at me utterly confused and a bit concerned.

That is all I can remember. Now a flight attendant is saying to me, “Mademoiselle we have arrived in France.” I am surprised that I am already here. All right, now time to go meet my sister at the Helios and figure out what is causing this disease so we can stop it. I am standing up with help from the flight attendant. She is handing me my crutches. I get off the plane to see a creature that looks to be human running towards me. I hear a gunshot and a high pitched shriek. I turn around to see that the flight attendant is my sister. She picks me up and I hold on to my crutches and her for my dear life.

She rushes us to our old childhood house, hands me the key, and yells at me, “Get in the house we have things we need to discuss! I need to tell you the stages of the pandemic and how it spreads.