A Dream with Doors


You’re drifting off to sleep, it’s early morning, you’ve been staring at your phone and talking with your friends. You finally had said goodbye to your friends and decided to get some rest, you shut your eyes in your quiet dark room, you weren’t aware you had fallen asleep.

You’re in a room with a door in front of you, you open that door out of curiosity. It leads to a dimly lit hallway you can see doors on each side of you and a door at the end of the hallway, each door looked the same some sort of dark wooden door with a golden handle. For some reason you feel like you’re being watched, you look around each door until you reach the one at the end of this dark hallway before grabbing the gold handle. You feel a shiver running down your arm to your hand, your senses tell you to turn around, but nothing was there. The hallway and the door you came through, all of it was gone. You blink once and your in a bright cheerful room filled with familiar faces, the air filled with laughter and you feel better. The doors and hallway nearly slip out of your mind, until you see a door exactly like the ones before dark wooden door with a golden handle, but this time it was different, it had things carved into the wood. You walk closer to the door to get a better look, but once you reach the door it disappears and changes into a mirror. A memory crosses your mind, one where you were told to never look at mirrors in your dreams. You turn around in a slight panic again everything is gone, the laughter gone, the people gone and you begin to wonder what they were laughing and talking about, clearly you weren’t aware of what they laughed about. Maybe you thought they laughed about each other’s jokes or a funny story, but now you remember they weren’t looking at each other, they were looking at you. Next you hear knocking, loud knocking, really loud knocking. You spin around trying to find where the knocking was coming from, until you’re in a plain dark room. No windows, no doors; but then you notice a dark figure in the corner of the room, knocking loudly on the wall next to them. You make eye contact with this figure and they charge after you. 

You wake up in a puddle of your own sweat yet you forgot why you were so scared.