Kpop bops!


Hey you guys! It’s been a while since I last wrote something on there so I’m going come back strong and give you guys and gals what’s on my playlist and maybe give you some song ideas, also I’ll be giving my opinion on each song! Just keep in mind that these songs are all Kpop songs so please don’t hate just because this isn’t your favorite music genre. Maybe even listen to some of them for some song inspiration or to try something new!

To start this article off, the first song that is a must need on my playlist (and yours) is Stray Kids. “Gods Menu.”  In the beginning, it’s kind of in your face and starts off strong (in a good way of course) but the vocals are *chef’s kiss* (no pun intended). This is one of those songs that you absolutely hate during your first listen, and then fall in love little by little after listening to it a few more times.

Another song produced by Stray Kids that I enjoy listening to is “Airplane.” This song just makes me so happy overall. The rap and vocals pull this song together in the end. This song is immaculate and I just cannot get enough of it!

Then we have “좋으니까,” the English translation is “Cause I Really Like You” by Changbin and Felix. The song’s meaning is so cute and so sweet if you read the lyrics. I also love that they made a lyric video looks like they are texting you. If you are looking for something to do, I would totally check this video out!

My next song is “After School” by Weeekly has my heart and soul. I’ve been seeing this song everywhere and when I first heard the chorus I needed to listen to it for myself, I honestly have no regrets.  Also, it radiates a lot of Generation Z vibes so I am highly encouraging you to listen to it!

Of course, I had to include “Red Flavor” by Red Velvet. This song is such a good song and I can’t get over it. It gives off summer vibes and I am here for it. Red Flavor makes me want to get my life together, grab my friends, go to a waterpark, and drink a slushy.

Then we have “So Hot” by Wonder Girls. This song was produced twelve years ago and it is still a great song to this day so I have no choice but to appreciate it. The Blackpink cover to this song is beautiful, I think you could convince a person who doesn’t know this song to believe that Blackpink produced this song all along.

Next up is “Psycho” by Red Velvet. The vocals in this song are awesome like a couple of others that I mentioned. Also, OOS did a cover to this song and it hands down amazing. A little fun fact is that Hyunjin from stray kids was in it as Wendy, and he destroyed that high note.

Another on is “Life Goes On,” by BTS. This song is such a comfort song, the chorus is amazing too. I could easily listen to this all day long.

The next song by BTS is “Dynamite.” I still think they should have won that grammy for this particular song. Also, I speak for all of us when I say I forgot how to speak English when trying to figure out what the teaser was saying.

One of my favorites by Blackpink, “How You Like That.” I heard that many blinks (which is Blackpink’s fandom name) don’t like the song. As a blink myself I disagree but respect your opinion either way. But if one day I’m hanging out with a blink that doesn’t like the song and it comes on I will be blasting. Sorry, not sorry.

Blackpink, “Ddu-du-Ddu-du.” Every blink that I know, likes this song. Honestly, how could you not enjoy this one? Also, this song was Blackpink’s first song to hit one billion views.

I.U BBIBBI is so aesthetically pleasing. This song is one of the songs you can just sit and listen to without getting bored. When I first watched the music video for it I didn’t know what was going on. But once you dig deep into it, you’ll find out it has a very good meaning.

Up next is Itzy’s, “Be In love.” This is one of the world’s best songs in my opinion, in this song everyone is the main vocalist which is really unique but cool!

“Can’t Stop Me,” by Twice is so iconic. At first, I didn’t know what to think of it. I remember me overthinking if I like the song or not. Then I listened to it a bunch of times and loved it. Plus, Cheayoung’s “Risky, Risky, Wikki, Wikki, this is an emergency” is iconic.

Another song by Twice, “More and More.” This song also gives summer vibes once you look at the music video. Also, the styling was so good. I want to steal their wardrobe legally.

Then we have “Fancy,” also by Twice.  Fancy was like a transition between a cute concept and a mature concept. What I mean is that I feel like Twice started as a cute concept and as time went by their songs grew with the girls.

Then we have Everglow’s, “Adios.” Like “Can’t Stop Me,” I didn’t really like this song at first then I grew to love it.

Ok, but Itzy’s, “Wannabe” will forever hold a place in my heart. This song is a BOOST in your self-esteem it makes me feel good about myself. Though this song reeks of “I’m not like other girls” it’s still a bop.

Itzy, “Not Shy.” This song was surprisingly a love song. When I listened to this song I had zero idea that this was a love song! Something I want to mention is that Itzy is one of those groups that suck when you first listen to them. And then they use some kind of sorcery and make you like it after listening to it three times or so.

JYP and Rain’s “Switch To Me” was so good. I really loved Dahyun and Chaeyoung’s cover of it. Their outfits were amazing and they looked so put together.

Bangchans, “인정하기 싫어” (English translation: “I Don’t Want to Admit It”). I swear this song is great for when you’re in your feels or just crying in bed for fun. I swear once you listen to this song you are going to thank me.

Twice’s, “Likey.” Only four words for this song…another bop by Twice

Niziu, “Make You Happy.” This song truly makes me happy. Also, I know this song is a Japanese song, but there is the Korean version if you prefer that. I personally enjoy the Japanese version. This song is great for when you need to recover from Bangchans song. Niziu is a fairly new group so go stream their songs.

Twice, “Ooh-Aah.” This was their debut song and this is one of the best Twice songs. The song is really good and the girls look amazing. The stylist did them well.

Blackpink’s, “Rose, On The Ground.” Rose popped off and I really can’t believe it was only her first solo song. The vocals, the high note, the outfits, the absolute beauty, she has the whole package.

Stray Kids, “Mixtape 5.” I have no words for this song! You need to listen to it now.

Stray Kids, “Back Door.” This song made me start using the back door of my house….I don’t even have one.

Stray Kids, “Gone days.” This song was made and produced by one of the members and this song kinda gives me a y2k feeling. Also while I’m here on this stray kids thing, I think that you should listen to “Hellevator,” and “I Am You!”

3racha, “Wow”. Icon, a legend, and it is the moment.

Hyunjin, Felix, and Lee Know, “Wow.” Has the same name as 3racha!

Itzy’s, “24 hour” this song is one of those songs that get stuck in your head for like months at a time.

Stray Kids ft. Alesso, “Going Dumb.” This song is amazing in every way the beat, the singing, everything!!

I.O.I, very very very. This song every true Kpop stan knows if you know a Kpop stan that doesn’t know this song, are they really a Kpop Stan?

Also, I’m going to put this disclaimer again just to clarify that these are my opinions and I hope you understand. I of course have way more songs on my playlist than just this! But these are just musts for me, and please don’t send hate!!


Here is the complete playlist:

  1. Stray Kids. “Gods Menu”
  2. Stray Kids,  “Airplane”
  3. Changbin and Felix, “좋으니까,” (“Cause I Really Like You”)
  4.  Weeekly ,”After School”
  5. Red Velvet, “Red Flavor”
  6. Wonder Girls, “So Hot”
  7. Red Velvet, “Psycho”
  8. BTS, “Life Goes On”
  9. BTS,  “Dynamite”
  10. Blackpink, “How You Like That”
  11. Blackpink, “Ddu-du-Ddu-du”
  12. Itzy’s, “Be In love”
  13. Twice, “Can’t Stop Me”
  14. Twice, “More and More”
  15. Twice, “Fancy”
  16. Everglow, “Adios”
  17. Itzy, “Wannabe”
  18. Itzy, “Not Shy”
  19. JYP and Rain’s, “Switch To Me”
  20. Bangchans, “인정하기 싫어” (English translation: “I Don’t Want to Admit It”)
  21. Twice, “Likey”
  22. Niziu, “Make You Happy”
  23. Twice, “Ooh-Aah”
  24. Blackpink, “Rose, On The Ground”
  25. Stray Kids, “Mixtape 5”
  26. Stray Kids, “Back Door”
  27. Stray Kids, “Gone days”
  28. 3racha, “Wow”
  29. Hyunjin, Felix, and Lee Know, “Wow”
  30. Itzy, “24 Hour”
  31. Stray Kids ft. Alesso, “Going Dumb”