Wolf Of The Trees


Written by: Norah Martin and Elisabeth Schmidt



They were in a castle, surrounded by snakes and poison ivy. The room was quiet. So quiet you could hear a bug skittering across the floor—and there were many. One of the snakes slithered past a wolf named Dragonbreath. 

  “Listen to me.” Ordered the second wolf, who was much bigger than Dragonbreath. “Yes, sir.” he gulped.

 The second wolf squinted their dark eyes. “You must find the wolf I am looking for.” 

  Dragonbreath nodded. “Yes, sir.” He repeated.

  “And do not turn back!” 

  “Yes, of course sir…but Scar. How can I find the wolf you desire if they are not born yet? You said they won’t be born for at least another one hundred and fifty years!”

  “Nothing is impossible!” snarled Scar. Dragonbreath flattened his ears. 

  Scar brought Dragonbreath over to a pool—but this was no ordinary pool. The pool had an odd purple tint in the water, that Dragonbreath couldn’t help noticing. “The pool will show me visions of the future!” Scar boomed. Yes it can show visions of the future, and better yet, it could bring the future sooner. But when someone did such an unfathomable thing, they angered the spirits of nature. The consequences were unknown.

  “Are you sure?” asked Dragonbreath uneasily.

  “Of course I am.” Scar answered defiantly. “Now look at what I stole.” Scar looked at the den floor pridefully, picking up a shining cloak with tiny white stars printed along the border. Dragonbreath gasped.

  “It will keep me away from danger. But don’t worry.” Scar assured, grinning mischievously at Dragonbreath’s dismayed expression. 

  “I’ll pay her back.”