Behind The Scenes Of 26 Reasons Not To Be In A Play


(Photo taken by Lucy Bulinski.)

Two Staff Writers from the Eagles Call went and asked members of tech crew and publicity crew what it was like to be behind the scenes in “ 26 Reasons Not To Be In A Play”.

 Here what it is like to be in Publicity Crew. Lulia told us what it was like. Members in Publicity crew at performances, sell cookies and drinks during intermission, and then they get to hang up posters around the school. And sometimes, they get to paint set pieces. If you want to get into the Publicity crew, you need to fill out a form saying you want to be in the Publicity crew, and the skills you need are being crafty, and you can’t have shaky hands, because you paint and cut set pieces in the Publicity crew. The hardest thing to do is getting the set pieces ready and painting them, but she likes to hang the posters up around school, and she just likes being at practice.

Here what it is like to be in Running Crew. Annie told us what it is like. If someone wanted to be in Running crew, they would need to fill out the form, and say they wanted to be in running crew, and you also need to be organized to be in running crew. It’s very important but hard to remember they’re cues, and what side to put what on. Annie just likes to be in running crew. There are 8th grade leaders for running crew, and everyone else does the same.

The two staff writers would like to thank Annie and Lulia, for giving us this information for this article, and thank you for reading.