Interview: The Wonderful Ms.Gunn


(Photo taken by Lucy Bulinski.)

            Ms. Gunn is the director of “26 Reasons Not to be in a Play”, which is a play about why not to be in a play. 7th grade students Dizz Sauer and Sanna Bjorum interviewed Ms Gunn about this play. They asked 11 questions starting with, what were some struggles you noticed while having a play during a pandemic? “Volume. Hearing everyone being able to practice using visual features and costumes. We can’t share mics and limited things that can be shared in the theater.”

             The next question that was asked was, how has directing a play with the regulations that have been put in place been? She responded with “it’s okay, can’t do as much as I would like. But we have done a great job”. They also wanted to add some more comedic questions because Ms. Gunn is very over dramatic. So they asked why have you banned students from doing TikTok dances during their time on break on the stage, how late capitalism is affecting her health and how long on a daily basis does it take for her to lose her mind? She responded in order “because it’s obnoxious and distracting” and when they asked the second question she said “you guys are weird” and the third question‘s answer was “10 minutes on average.”

           They then wanted her to be honest with this question because both Dizz and Sanna are in the play themselves, how prepared do you think the cast is for the play? “We are 88% as of yesterday” ( November 12) she said. Now they continue on with normal questions and asked her what’s a hope you have for the turnout of the play? “Hope we can have the best show and everyone feels happy and provides entertainment that has been gone for a year and a half”. They then asked her a more serious question: what’s your biggest complaint about production right now? “ Time could be used more but others have homework and activities to do outside of rehearsal.”

            The last few questions asked were, Which show do you think will have the biggest audience? What’s the expectation you have for the production? What reason/skit do you think will be the crowd favorite? Answered in order: Friday night can change on weather, just want it to be the best it can and have fun, reason 2 reason 24- 26 reason reason 20