Mary’s dream part 2


Hey just a few things 

1. This is not fully finished 

2. These are people acting nothing they do in this is how they would act in real life 

3. This is all in a game (Minecraft) 

4. Uses real events from the smp 

5. These are not all real events 

6. Spoilers This is after Wilbur was revived\ When friend was killed(sadly) by skeepy

I take the bow and put it in my hair . I go down stairs to see Tubbo making breakfast. Michael is sitting in a high chair as Ranboo tries to feed him apple slices. Tommy looks tired as he almost falls asleep. Tubbo asked where the compass was and I responded with “ it’s in the spare room.”. Ranboo takes Michael out of the high chair and explains how Tubbo made the bow and how it works as Michael clings to my leg and hugs me . “ Hey Tubbo, this is your child right . Who is the other parent?” I ask as I play with Michael. “ Well Ranboo is the other parent, he is my platonic husband. Micheal is adopted”. I wondered if there was anything else here. After playing with Michael, Tommy suggested that we go and tour places. I see a pig walking over here. He comes and asks me “who are you and do you know where Ranboo and Tubbo are?”. I said “I am Mary and they told me to watch Micheal”. “Wait, who is Micheal? By the way I am TechnoBlade” He says. “Nice to meet you, Micheal is their adopted son”. “Oh, they didn’t tell me this.” He looked like he was sad or disappointed. I couldn’t tell.  “Well wanna get a tour”. Sure I say. He walks over to Tommy. “Tommy can you give Mary a tour here? Also do you know where Tubbo and Ranboo are? Yes I do, they are at Dream’s old bunker cleaning everything out and giving everyone back their things. Ok, thank you Theues.” Tommy looked angry at the nickname. “Techno that was a long time ago, please don’t call me that”. “Well anyway Tommy will show you around”. “Ok, let’s start here. This is old L’Manburg or as we call it L’Manhole. The destruction after the third explosion of L’Manburg.” “Wow, people hate this place huh.” “No, just Techno hates the government. Wilbur went insane and Eret betrayed us”. “Oh my. Wait why did Wilbur go insane.” “Well let’s see he was exiled by JSchaltt, he has major trust issues, and saw his son burn down the flag he built.” “Still wow.” He starts walking over to this grave of sorts. “This is Wilbur grave; he was killed after he exploded L’manburg.” “Who killed him?” “Philza, Wilbur is my brother and he is our father.” “Oh who’s that.” I pointed at a man in a brown trench coat with a white streak in his hair. He walks over to me. “Hello I’m Wilbur, who are you”? “I am Mary”. “Nice to meet you”. Tommy is looking away from Wilbur, I wonder why. We walk over to a wooden house. “This is Boomerville, Tommy says”. “This is where VikkStar123 and LazarBeam live”. “Very small country is it”. Yeah but not the smallest”. “What is the smallest then”? “What is left of Rutabagville”. We walk over to a blown up country with a sign that says El Rapids. “This is El Rapids where Quackity, GeorgeNotFound, SapNap, Karl Jacobs, Mexican Dream, Punz, Tubbo, Corpse Husband and Girl Dream lived”. We walked back over to the glass, there is a hole Tommy jumps down and places water. “Jump down you won’t die”. I said “Okay” as I jumped down. “This is Pogtopia , lived when we were exiled by JSchaltt”. “Also the place where Wilbur went insane”. “Wow, what is that vault holding”? “Well that is where I put Dream’s old armor when I am not using it”. “Is that what you are wearing right now”?  “Yep”. “I am tired, let’s go back to Snowchester”. “Okay”. We walk all the way back to Snowchester. Tubbo asked me if I wanted to go straight to bed or if I wanted to eat dinner with him, Ranboo and Micheal