Mary’s Dream part 4

Hey just a few things 1.this is not fully finished 2.These are people acting nothing they do in this is how they would act in real life 3.This is all in a game (Minecraft) 4.Gore and death 5.Uses real events from the smp 6.These are not all real events 7.Spoilers This is after Wilbur was revived\ When friend was killed(sadly) by skeepy


“Hey Puffy, do you want to come with me to Micheal’s house to wait for the others and maybe set up a grave for Micheal?” “Sure, But let’s grab his remains as well to bury. I’ll go talk to Dream while you grab the remains.” “Okay, I’ll try not to cry.” “Good, now we have to first figure out where he is.” We dig some tunnels in the mountains to see if we can find him, also to use as an escape route. We see him heading to the house Tubbo and Ranboo’s house. Puffy ran over to him while I was running to the L’manhole. I get to the L’Manhole and run straight to the Prime Path. I run to the Community Portal and jump in. I get into the nether then run straight to the stairs to Kinoko Kingdom. I see the portal, I jump through it and run straight to the place I was hiding in. I find Tubbo next to Micheal crying. “Dream killed him.” “Mary?” Tubbo looks up at me, eyes full of tears. “Yes, Dream was chasing me and I dropped Micheal. I couldn’t go back to him; it was too late. I was about to bring Micheal’s remains back to bury if you want to come with? Sure, I’ll come with. Also I was talking with Puffy. She is there talking to Dream so we can bury him. I have no clue what she is doing now. We walk back crying. Puffy has walked away. I dig a 5 feet deep hole. I built a chest to put his remains in. Then I walk over to the mansion and make some food while I wait for the others.