To Burn A Bridge

To Burn A Bridge

It’s not hard to burn a bridge.

Infact, it’s practically effortless.

All you have to do is

Grab a torch

Toss it onto the bridge

Cackle as you watch the world burn

But before you run off

I beg you to ask yourself

Why would anyone burn a bridge in the first place?

I’d say to forget something.

Maybe it’s physical.

Maybe it’s mental.

Maybe it’s just the pain you feel everyday when you wake up to stop and smell the roses

But you look around and the world is burning.

Who set the fire?

You did.

So you’d burn your bridges to forget the roses.

The little things that made you happy-With a price, of course.

You’d burn it to forget the pain.

You’d burn it to leave the world behind

And start fresh

But why?

Why would you do such a cruel thing to me?

What have I ever done to deserve this?


Or perhaps I have done something

I was the bystander who stood by your side as you went on a rampage.

I was the one who handed you the torch.

I was the one who watched you leave your past life behind to walk without care

Without worry

Without pain

Without me

To burn a bridge,

You must be willing to sacrifice everything.

To burn a bridge,

You need to destroy everything.

To burn a bridge,

You need to forget me.