Why’d you do that?

Come one, Come all

Boy do I have a show for you!

Im crying my heart out

Over my past mistakes

I just can’t seem to leave it behind!

My heart drips with tears

I can’t think straight

Why’d you do that?

I thought we were friend!

But now you’ve gone

Tormented my mind

Haunted my every step

Now every time I walk into a room

Everything is silent

Silence didn’t scare me before

Neither did you

But now I keel over

Trying to breathe

Thanks a lot.

As I sit here

On a garbage pile


I can’t stop myself from wondering

Why’d you do that?

What have I ever done to deserve this?


You spun a web of lies

Twisted my heart out

Wrapped me in a cocoon of spikes

And all I ever did

Was be your friend.

Your a liar.

And I’ll never forgive you.