Games Galore: Tips and Tricks

Hello, my name is Christian and I will give you some helpful tips for Minecraft Bedrock and Java. The number one rule of the sandbox game of Minecraft is don’t dig straight down. It may sound simple but many still do it. Next, for PvP or player versus player fighting, in Bedrock edition you want to use a sword, in Java you want to use an axe for a larger attack damage, but Java also has a recharge for the axe. Whenever you build a house, you want a 4 block high area from floor to roof so when you jump, you don’t hit your head. Another important tip is to find seeds from grass to make a farm for an easy food source.

Greetings, I am Chase and I will transfer this to the newer game, Halo Infinite. I would suggest that if you are playing with friends to be in groups. In the stronghold game mode, be in teams of two to have at least two strongholds to defend for points. In Capture the flag have two stay at the flag, and two go out to capture it. In oddball, always protect the person who has the ball. If you do a good job, the ball should give you victory and the ball carrier will get some kills as well. Finally, in the Bazaar map when you want a fast path to the other side, go to the side of spawn where the stairs up are, jump of the balcony into the plus shaped shopping center, then follow the path to the opposite spawn.