I’m going to die. (Part one)

I’m going to die.  (Part one)

If I thought I would die today, I wouldn’t waste my time being here. In the drab, unfortunate school building of Metalia Middle School. The bricks are so loose you can push them out and talk to your friends in the other classes. The floor is so chipped away you need to hop over the pipes.

It’s the worst place to be. The teachers are okay, it’s the kids that are the problem. They spend all there time pushing out the bricks one by one until the teacher snaps their fingers and asks them to stop. They obsess over trends and anime and don’t even bother to look up from their screens.
If I could change that, I would. Believe me. Anyways, I think I knew I was going to die. It was just a gut feeling. Like something brewing inside of you. Or how you feel right before you ride a rollercoaster.

But that is irrelevant. I knew I was going to die, and I still went anyways.
Ms.Marina scribbles something on the squeaky chalkboard. “Science Fair, everyone! You have to bring a project…” I drifted off and stared out the broken window. Tomas Robertson, the nerd, was dragging something across the field. “Liz, are you even listening?” I quickly refocus myself. “Why wouldn’t I? I just love being excited about stupid stuff.” I taunt her. Ms. Marina just rolls her eyes and continues.
The thing he’s carrying looks weird and…Clumpy?


After the bell rings for lunch I track him down. “What are you doing now?” I ask, flipping my hair. Tomas’s face flushes a pink color. “Oh-Uh-Liz, Hi! Umm…Just my….Science fair project-Yep.” He stutters like crazy. I poke at the thing. It’s hard and…weird. “Don’t touch that!” he yells, pushing me into the street. “Jeez! Didn’t know you were so protective of your-“ The red Ford sienna honked as my spine cracked under the weight of the car.

I told you I was going to die.