I thought I died….? (Part two)


I wake up. I’m laying down on some hospital bed. Without looking up, I can already see at least three IVs sticking out of my right arm. I can’t feel my body. I can hear someone walking over. “I did it!” The voice exclaimed. I try to sit up but I’m met with a thousand electrical shocks in my back. “Don’t move Liz, I’ll unlatch the cables as soon as I know it’s safe.” Tomas says. I groan.
“Can you hear me?” He asks. “Yes, I can hear you just fine, Tomas. Now will you be quiet?” I practically shout. My head hurts.

Soon, as if a miracle happened, everything felt normal. I could feel everything. I moved the arm that didn’t have all the IVs in and rubbed my forehead. “Okay…Can you sit up?” Tomas asked. I rolled my eyes. It felt weird, sitting up. Different… Tomas clapped his hands together excitedly.
“Yes!” He pumped his fist. “Cool it, laser beam. What happened to me?” I flex my arm. Every time I move it feels weird. Good, but different. “Well…Liz….You sort of…Died.” He says. I stare at him. “But-Uh-Don’t worry! I sort of reconstructed your spine…Mixed your DNA with a bio specimen I created and a few-“

“You did WHAT?” I yell. Tomas steps back. “I-“

I hop off the hospital bed. I think I’m in his room…Gross. “You killed me!” My voice echos through the empty house. Suddenly, everything feels different. My hands crackle with…Electricity? Tomas backs against the wall. “Please, Liz, Calm down! I promise you everything is fine”

The energy courses through me. In an instant, I’m…On his front lawn? I can see Tomas’s surprised face. I look down at my hands, the electricity crackles. “Liz-“ I laugh. “Liz is dead. I’m…” It takes me a second to think of a name worthy of…me. “Vanya.”