Mary’s Dream Book 2 Part 2

Hey just a few things 1.this is not fully finished 2.These are people acting nothing they do in this is how they would act in real life 3.This is all in a game (Minecraft) 4.Gore and death 5.Uses real events from the smp 6.These are not all real events 7.Spoilers This is after Dream Escapes Prison 8 May take a long time in between parts because we are having trouble coming up with ideas


45 Minutes later


Puffy finished giving me a check up so she went and informed Sam about my health. She didn’t tell me if I was okay or not, but I wonder why she didn’t. I waited around 2 hours for her. She came back, placed a chair and told me what Sam said.


I sat there in shock and disbelief that they thought this was the safest place. Dream escaped, but then again Techno did have to break him out. So I guess I am going to the h-hi-hideout. I wonder how big it is and the amount of rooms.

20 Minutes Later

Sam came back and told me to “grab the stuff I wanted to keep.” So I did and we went into this hallway after getting out of the main cell. It took us outside.