Mary’s Dream: Book 2, Part 3

Hey just a few things 1.this is not fully finished 2.These are people acting nothing they do in this is how they would act in real life 3.This is all in a game (Minecraft) 4.Gore and death 5.Uses real events from the smp 6.These are not all real events 7.Spoilers This is after Dream Escapes Prison 8. We are getting back to working on Mary’s Dream so new parts should be out quicker


30 Minutes later


We got to Tommy’s house. Sam told me to take the cart to Henry’s house. Who is Henry, I wonder. I went in the house and saw a cart so I hopped in it and took a ride. I got to this house with a sign that said “Henry’s House.” I got out of the cart and went inside there was a ghost. It looked like Ranboo. He said “Hi, I am GhostBoo, follow me to the hideout!” I follow.


We got in and I walked into this living room. It was pretty. I saw Tubbo, Tommy, and Shroud in the kitchen. They told me to sit down at the dining room table so that they could see what happened while I was in a coma. So to sum it up, Ranboo died and they locked Sam in the prison after Dream escaped. They let Sam out but he watched me. Now that I am awake again Sam is going back in. They then showed me the room where I am to sleep. They said they grabbed everything that was in my house and put it in my closet so I could decide what to throw away. They showed me where the “trash can” was. It was a hole with lava with a trap door so that Shroud wouldn’t fall in or anyone else. I then went to sleep.