The First Step


I hope you listen to what I say

Because the future could look quite gray

So interpret this message in any way

Hopefully without delay


The first step isn’t always fun

but it’s the step that needs to be done

when war goes on and on

So take that step before it’s gone

The first step can be many things

And many things the first step brings

Right now in war and violence

The first step is forgotten and silenced

And when the first step is taken

My hope and joy reawaken

To the point where it can never be shaken

The first step is seeing all the views

Seeing even all the fake news

When you look and see

You can see what the world can truly be

So the first step is having an open mind

For what you could find

And understand you can’t put blame

On people who are really the same

When they are being held in the dark where little light is ever shown

And when our forgiveness is just right out thrown

So hear this message and stop to think

Maybe the world isn’t quite like you think