5:26 AM February 16th

5:26 AM February 16th

February 16th
I woke up in the middle of the night and looked over to check my phone, the date read, “February 16th” and the time was 5:26 AM,I got up and instantly fell through the floor, into the abyss.

I then woke up again in the exact same place I was in bed, and I looked over to get my phone and the date read, “February 16th” and the time was still 5:26 AM, I tried to brush it off as just a weird dream, and got up, I didn’t fall through the floor this time but when I opened the door to my room, I instantly saw that the room was in the air.

I heard yelling something like a tornado siren blaring out, I then heard the door starting to give in right as it was about to break, I tried to move to under the bed, but couldn’t, my body wasn’t moving at all, then I heard the door break open, I was then sucked into the tornado and I could barely hear anything. I could somewhat see something heading straight towards me, it was red and big, it looked like a car but chunks of metal ripped out of the sides, I then started screaming. It was about to hit me.

I then started to brace for impact and when it was about to hit me. I was back in my bed, I couldn’t even tell what was happening right now, was I dreaming? Was what happened real? I then thought to check what was the time. I then picked up my phone from my nightstand and checked the time, 5:26, then I checked the date, February 16th.

I didn’t even know what to do, for about an hour, I just laid there, questioning on what i’ve done for this to happen, after that, I decided to get up and slowly leave my room, once I left, I slowly went downstairs and decided to make something to eat, praying to god I’m out of whatever happened, I decided to make a pop tart, I took it out of the wrapper and put it in the toaster, right as i turned on the toaster, it exploded, I had zero time to even react, let alone process what happened. All I heard was a bang.

I then woke up again in a cold sweat, and as again, checked the time, expecting
for it to say 5:26, the same time, the same loop thing i’ve been stuck in for what feels like ages, but when I did, it finally read, 5:27