Backpacks should be allowed in class

Ellie Voge, Staff Writer

Having backpacks in class would benefit both students and teachers.

For starters, students wouldn’t have to worry about going to lockers, which would prevent them from being tardy. It takes lots of time to go through the hallways to retrieve class items and still get to classes on time. Currently, students have to carry every single notebook to each class or have to rush to their locker between classes.

Another reason to have backpacks in class is to keep all student belongings off the tables so there is plenty of room for work. Backpacks could just hang from the chairs. After all, we use backpacks on the bus to keep things tidy and safe.

Students would only be wearing backpacks a few times a day, instead of all day long, so we’d be less likely to have back issues. It is also proven that if a backpack is really heavy and a student wears it for a long time, he or she might end up with a back injury.

There are a few reasons to keep backpacks out of class. I understand that teachers might be worried about a backpack’s contents. Students and teachers also wouldn’t have much space to walk around in the classroom if backpacks are on every chair. These possible problems do not outweigh the benefits.

Having backpacks would not only benefit the students, but also the teachers. Since students would have the extra time, they would be less likely to be late to next period. That would allow teachers to start class on time and not have to worry about students coming through the door late.

These are the reasons why we need to make a change at VMSS and allow backpacks in class.