The Eagle's Call

2018-2019 Staff

Staff MemberStaff Position
Annie PaulExecutive EditorSee Annie Paul's profile
See Annie Paul's profile
Maddie EngDeputy Executive EditorSee Maddie Eng's profile
See Maddie Eng's profile
Lane DehnelManaging EditorSee Lane Dehnel's profile
See Lane Dehnel's profile
Zoey MeierDeputy Managing EditorSee Zoey Meier's profile
See Zoey Meier's profile
Nimisha BoraLayout EditorSee Nimisha Bora's profile
See Nimisha Bora's profile
Arsen HanushchakLayout EditorSee Arsen Hanushchak's profile
See Arsen Hanushchak's profile
Emily MelvilleLayout EditorSee Emily Melville's profile
See Emily Melville's profile
Abby BensonLayout Editor & PollsterSee Abby Benson's profile
See Abby Benson's profile
Safiyyah AzizPublicity DirectorSee Safiyyah Aziz's profile
See Safiyyah Aziz's profile
Riya MukerjeeArts & Entertainment EditorSee Riya Mukerjee's profile
See Riya Mukerjee's profile
Kieran KowalskiCommunity EditorSee Kieran Kowalski's profile
See Kieran Kowalski's profile
Sumaya NurCampus EditorSee Sumaya Nur's profile
See Sumaya Nur's profile
Hayleigh StandleyCampus EditorSee Hayleigh Standley's profile
See Hayleigh Standley's profile
Kacee WellsOpinion EditorSee Kacee Wells's profile
See Kacee Wells's profile
Faith DouganSports EditorSee Faith Dougan's profile
See Faith Dougan's profile
Ali DuganSports EditorSee Ali Dugan's profile
See Ali Dugan's profile
Hafsa HajiQuill EditorSee Hafsa Haji's profile
See Hafsa Haji's profile
Ellie VogeQuill EditorSee Ellie Voge's profile
See Ellie Voge's profile
Maddy MortinsonSenior Staff CartoonistSee Maddy Mortinson's profile
See Maddy Mortinson's profile
Kyle OlsonStaff CartoonistSee Kyle Olson's profile
See Kyle Olson's profile
Abdirahman SheikhnurStaff CartoonistSee Abdirahman Sheikhnur's profile
See Abdirahman Sheikhnur's profile
Isabella Hampton-PeekStaff CartoonistSee Isabella Hampton-Peek's profile
See Isabella Hampton-Peek's profile
Emily ToewsStaff Cartoonist / Graphic DesignerSee Emily Toews's profile
See Emily Toews's profile
Jihan AbdiPhotography DirectorSee Jihan Abdi's profile
See Jihan Abdi's profile
Sofia IshalStaff PhotographerSee Sofia Ishal's profile
See Sofia Ishal's profile
Madeline RockStaff Writer / Advice ColumnistSee Madeline Rock's profile
See Madeline Rock's profile
Garrett EricksonStaff Writer/CriticSee Garrett Erickson's profile
See Garrett Erickson's profile
Apollo OaseStaff PoetSee Apollo Oase's profile
See Apollo Oase's profile
Lila LindbergStaff PoetSee Lila Lindberg's profile
See Lila Lindberg's profile
Anya GannDeputy Layout Editor / Staff WriterSee Anya Gann's profile
See Anya Gann's profile
Cyril AburimeStaff WriterSee Cyril Aburime's profile
See Cyril Aburime's profile
Abraham BruecknerStaff WriterSee Abraham Brueckner's profile
See Abraham Brueckner's profile
Aaron ConnorsStaff WriterSee Aaron Connors's profile
See Aaron Connors's profile
Daniela Jimbo AmacendeStaff WriterSee Daniela Jimbo Amacende's profile
See Daniela Jimbo Amacende's profile
Lucy LeiknesStaff WriterSee Lucy Leiknes's profile
See Lucy Leiknes's profile
Abubakar WarmahayyeStaff WriterSee Abubakar Warmahayye's profile
See Abubakar Warmahayye's profile
Rhys BaxterStaff WriterSee Rhys Baxter's profile
See Rhys Baxter's profile
Jaylen BarrowStaff WriterSee Jaylen Barrow's profile
See Jaylen Barrow's profile
Justin CowanStaff WriterSee Justin Cowan's profile
See Justin Cowan's profile
Molly HentgesStaff WriterSee Molly Hentges's profile
See Molly Hentges's profile
Muntas KiytonStaff WriterSee Muntas Kiyton's profile
See Muntas Kiyton's profile
Taylor KondesStaff WriterSee Taylor Kondes's profile
See Taylor Kondes's profile
Jordan McClureStaff WriterSee Jordan McClure's profile
See Jordan McClure's profile
Abby NollStaff WriterSee Abby Noll's profile
See Abby Noll's profile
Kirra SchutteStaff WriterSee Kirra Schutte's profile
See Kirra Schutte's profile
Adrian SinghStaff WriterSee Adrian Singh's profile
See Adrian Singh's profile
Macie TimmStaff WriterSee Macie Timm's profile
See Macie Timm's profile
Ruby ThorpStaff WriterSee Ruby Thorp's profile
See Ruby Thorp's profile
Ava TorgersonStaff WriterSee Ava Torgerson's profile
See Ava Torgerson's profile
Nora TsaiStaff WriterSee Nora Tsai's profile
See Nora Tsai's profile
Da'vion Trotter FordStaff WriterSee Da'vion Trotter Ford's profile
See Da'vion Trotter Ford's profile
Lily VineStaff WriterSee Lily Vine's profile
See Lily Vine's profile
Brodyn WardStaff WriterSee Brodyn Ward's profile
See Brodyn Ward's profile
Ella WiggsStaff WriterSee Ella Wiggs's profile
See Ella Wiggs's profile
Mr. Josh WelterAdviserSee Mr. Josh Welter's profile
See Mr. Josh Welter's profile
Ms. Ruthie EricksonAdviserSee Ms. Ruthie Erickson's profile
See Ms. Ruthie Erickson's profile
Gwen MarcottStaff WriterSee Gwen Marcott's profile
See Gwen Marcott's profile
Aneesa IshalStaff WriterSee Aneesa Ishal's profile
See Aneesa Ishal's profile
Philip BalmerStaff WriterSee Philip Balmer's profile
See Philip Balmer's profile
Charlotte GramStaff WriterSee Charlotte Gram's profile
See Charlotte Gram's profile
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