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Trisit Enbackom
Hello! My name is Tirsit, I am in 8th grade, my position for Valley Middle School “New York Times” is Campus Editor. 


What is your lifelong goal?


That question seems a bit long and over the top to me, I think I would prefer a little more simplicity: What is your goal as a member of the Eagles Call? Personally I would LOVE to become the next Walter Cronkite, but I don’t think that’s a reasonable goal. I do not mind having a goal that motivates me to become more productive and organized as not only a Campus Editor but also an individual. 

Do you have any hobbies?

Something everyone wonders about when they meet you, a question they may ask referring to your hobbies may be: “What are some of your hobbies?” “What are some hobbies you like to do?”, “What are some hobbies you participate in?” Of course, no disrespect is intended for people who favor those questions, so I suppose I shall answer this topic for all of your sakes. Yes I do have hobbies, not a lot of them, and many of them may make you snooze right through this bio, but I am personally happy and satisfied with them: reading (true story: one time I got in trouble for reading, it wasn’t pretty), looking into information about the past and interesting things it has in store, biking (I don’t have a lot of time to do it, but I am very much a biker and enjoy biking). My main hobbies are just reading about the past and books and anything that has to do with words honestly, so I don’t have much interesting hobbies, but I am happy with them and I do look forward to do them whenever I have the chance. 

    Thank you for having an interest in my bio and my short listed collection of hobbies, I look forward to working with the Eagles Call staff to bring you all a wonderful assortment of articles to read. Bon Voyage!

Trisit Enbackom, Campus Editor

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Trisit Enbackom