The Eagle's Call

2021-2022 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Salma Mire Staff Writer See Salma Mire’s profile
See Salma Mire’s profile
Natalie Zick Staff Writer See Natalie Zick’s profile
See Natalie Zick’s profile
Giada Lozano Staff Writer See Giada Lozano’s profile
See Giada Lozano’s profile
Paige Stensaas Staff Writer See Paige Stensaas’s profile
See Paige Stensaas’s profile
Maddy Gerry Staff Writer See Maddy Gerry’s profile
See Maddy Gerry’s profile
Norah Martin Staff Writer See Norah Martin’s profile
See Norah Martin’s profile
Gavin Gates Staff Writer See Gavin Gates’s profile
See Gavin Gates’s profile
Noalin Nordaas Staff Writer See Noalin Nordaas’s profile
See Noalin Nordaas’s profile
Shannon O’Connell Staff Writer See Shannon O’Connell’s profile
See Shannon O’Connell’s profile
Chase Becker Staff Writer See Chase Becker’s profile
See Chase Becker’s profile
Olivia Engelhart Staff Writer See Olivia Engelhart’s profile
See Olivia Engelhart’s profile
Emme Krohn Staff Writer See Emme Krohn’s profile
See Emme Krohn’s profile
Lulia Mehari Staff Writer See Lulia Mehari’s profile
See Lulia Mehari’s profile
Rebecca Rogers Staff Writer See Rebecca Rogers’s profile
See Rebecca Rogers’s profile
Seraphina Garcia Staff Writer See Seraphina Garcia’s profile
See Seraphina Garcia’s profile
Elliot Schuster Staff Writer See Elliot Schuster’s profile
See Elliot Schuster’s profile
Zubaydah Aziz Staff Writer See Zubaydah Aziz’s profile
See Zubaydah Aziz’s profile
William Olstad Staff Writer See William Olstad’s profile
See William Olstad’s profile
Dizz Sauer Staff Writer See Dizz Sauer’s profile
See Dizz Sauer’s profile
Isaac Rinerson Staff Writer See Isaac Rinerson’s profile
See Isaac Rinerson’s profile
Suaad Farah Staff Writer See Suaad Farah’s profile
See Suaad Farah’s profile
Sanna Bjorum Staff Writer See Sanna Bjorum’s profile
See Sanna Bjorum’s profile
Gracie Campbell Staff Writer See Gracie Campbell’s profile
See Gracie Campbell’s profile
Olivia Duran Staff Writer See Olivia Duran’s profile
See Olivia Duran’s profile
Hayley Elliott Staff Writer See Hayley Elliott’s profile
See Hayley Elliott’s profile
Aubrey Lane Staff Writer See Aubrey Lane’s profile
See Aubrey Lane’s profile
Chase Sapletal Staff Writer See Chase Sapletal’s profile
See Chase Sapletal’s profile
Lillian Ketchum Swoop Team / Production Manager See Lillian Ketchum’s profile
See Lillian Ketchum’s profile
Annika Bentley Staff writer See Annika Bentley’s profile
See Annika Bentley’s profile
Axel Mercil-Bridenstine See Axel Mercil-Bridenstine’s profile
See Axel Mercil-Bridenstine’s profile
Amelia Beck Editor/Swoop Team See Amelia Beck’s profile
See Amelia Beck’s profile
Isabella Frutiger Swoop Production/Editor See Isabella Frutiger’s profile
See Isabella Frutiger’s profile
Aislinn Anderson Editor/Swoop Segments See Aislinn Anderson’s profile
See Aislinn Anderson’s profile
Fiona Hanna Swoop Team See Fiona Hanna’s profile
See Fiona Hanna’s profile
Amira Somerville Swoop Team See Amira Somerville’s profile
See Amira Somerville’s profile
Olivia Nowlin Swoop Team See Olivia Nowlin’s profile
See Olivia Nowlin’s profile
Kayla Georgeson Swoop Team See Kayla Georgeson’s profile
See Kayla Georgeson’s profile
Will Siebenaler Swoop Team See Will Siebenaler’s profile
See Will Siebenaler’s profile
Louis Gustafson Swoop Team See Louis Gustafson’s profile
See Louis Gustafson’s profile
Emma Schwartz Swoop Team See Emma Schwartz’s profile
See Emma Schwartz’s profile
Audrey Gilbertson Swoop Team See Audrey Gilbertson’s profile
See Audrey Gilbertson’s profile
Mr. Josh Welter Advisor See Mr. Josh Welter’s profile
See Mr. Josh Welter’s profile
Lyric Schowalter Staff Writer and Editor See Lyric Schowalter’s profile
See Lyric Schowalter’s profile
Miles Zimmerman Script Writer See Miles Zimmerman’s profile
See Miles Zimmerman’s profile
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