The Eagle's Call

2019-2020 Staff

Staff MemberStaff Position
Maddie EngExecutive EditorSee Maddie Eng's profile
See Maddie Eng's profile
Zoey MeierManaging EditorSee Zoey Meier's profile
See Zoey Meier's profile
Ellie StumboLayout EditorSee Ellie Stumbo's profile
See Ellie Stumbo's profile
Anya GannLayout EditorSee Anya Gann's profile
See Anya Gann's profile
Philip BalmerLayout EditorSee Philip Balmer's profile
See Philip Balmer's profile
Trisit EnbackomCampus EditorSee Trisit Enbackom's profile
See Trisit Enbackom's profile
Aneesa IshalOpinion EditorSee Aneesa Ishal's profile
See Aneesa Ishal's profile
Gwen MarcottSports EditorSee Gwen Marcott's profile
See Gwen Marcott's profile
Kamryn BrittA&E EditorSee Kamryn Britt's profile
See Kamryn Britt's profile
Kirra SchutteA&E EditorSee Kirra Schutte's profile
See Kirra Schutte's profile
Nikoy RooyakkerQuill EditorSee Nikoy Rooyakker's profile
See Nikoy Rooyakker's profile
Audrey MurphyQuill EditorSee Audrey Murphy's profile
See Audrey Murphy's profile
Ella WiggsPublicity DirectorSee Ella Wiggs's profile
See Ella Wiggs's profile
Brodyn WardPublicity DirectorSee Brodyn Ward's profile
See Brodyn Ward's profile
Adrian SinghSwoop ProducerSee Adrian Singh's profile
See Adrian Singh's profile
Abby NollSwoop ProducerSee Abby Noll's profile
See Abby Noll's profile
Justin CowanSwoop Anchor/Community EditorSee Justin Cowan's profile
See Justin Cowan's profile
Charlotte GramSwoop AnchorSee Charlotte Gram's profile
See Charlotte Gram's profile
Taron RobinsonSwoop EditorSee Taron Robinson's profile
See Taron Robinson's profile
Axel YustStaff WriterSee Axel Yust's profile
See Axel Yust's profile
Dean LarsonStaff WriterSee Dean Larson's profile
See Dean Larson's profile
Samuel EtterStaff WriterSee Samuel Etter's profile
See Samuel Etter's profile
Anya GorivodskyStaff WriterSee Anya Gorivodsky's profile
See Anya Gorivodsky's profile
Keegan PazdernikStaff WriterSee Keegan Pazdernik's profile
See Keegan Pazdernik's profile
Salma AbdillahiStaff WriterSee Salma Abdillahi's profile
See Salma Abdillahi's profile
Audrey ThorpStaff WriterSee Audrey Thorp's profile
See Audrey Thorp's profile
Alethia LeeStaff WriterSee Alethia Lee's profile
See Alethia Lee's profile
Brennan BrownStaff WriterSee Brennan Brown's profile
See Brennan Brown's profile
Savannah BrownStaff WriterSee Savannah Brown's profile
See Savannah Brown's profile
Anya GorivodskyStaff Writer See Anya Gorivodsky's profile
See Anya Gorivodsky's profile
Emma FischerStaff WriterSee Emma Fischer's profile
See Emma Fischer's profile
Cole HenkeStaff WriterSee Cole Henke's profile
See Cole Henke's profile
Ava RasmussenStaff WriterSee Ava Rasmussen's profile
See Ava Rasmussen's profile
Habon AshkirStaff WriterSee Habon Ashkir's profile
See Habon Ashkir's profile
Brielle MarshalStaff WriterSee Brielle Marshal's profile
See Brielle Marshal's profile
Benji HoelStaff WriterSee Benji Hoel's profile
See Benji Hoel's profile
Cassie HubleyStaff WriterSee Cassie Hubley's profile
See Cassie Hubley's profile
Piper TrudeauStaff WriterSee Piper Trudeau's profile
See Piper Trudeau's profile
Lyndzeahia GardnerStaff WriterSee Lyndzeahia Gardner's profile
See Lyndzeahia Gardner's profile
Zoey ParoStaff WriterSee Zoey Paro's profile
See Zoey Paro's profile
Victoria SimpehStaff WriterSee Victoria Simpeh's profile
See Victoria Simpeh's profile
Naema MohamedStaff WriterSee Naema Mohamed's profile
See Naema Mohamed's profile
Gavin ForemanStaff WriterSee Gavin Foreman's profile
See Gavin Foreman's profile
Nora TsaiStaff WriterSee Nora Tsai's profile
See Nora Tsai's profile
Macie TimmStaff WriterSee Macie Timm's profile
See Macie Timm's profile
Ruby ThorpStaff WriterSee Ruby Thorp's profile
See Ruby Thorp's profile
Siarrah TaylorStaff PoetSee Siarrah Taylor's profile
See Siarrah Taylor's profile
Mr. Josh WelterAdvisorSee Mr. Josh Welter's profile
See Mr. Josh Welter's profile
Ms. Ruthie EricksonAdvisorSee Ms. Ruthie Erickson's profile
See Ms. Ruthie Erickson's profile
Blayke SwansonStaff ArtistSee Blayke Swanson's profile
See Blayke Swanson's profile
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