The Eagle's Call

2020-2021 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Macy Mueller Executive Editor See Macy Mueller’s profile
See Macy Mueller’s profile
Makayla Moran Managing Editor See Makayla Moran’s profile
See Makayla Moran’s profile
Anya Gorivodsky Swoop Producer See Anya Gorivodsky’s profile
See Anya Gorivodsky’s profile
Shanya Collier-Phillips Swoop Anchor/Producer See Shanya Collier-Phillips’s profile
See Shanya Collier-Phillips’s profile
Ava Rasmussen Editor/Swoop Producer See Ava Rasmussen’s profile
See Ava Rasmussen’s profile
Autumn Engelhart Editor/Swoop Team See Autumn Engelhart’s profile
See Autumn Engelhart’s profile
Gabrielle Yeager Editor/ Swoop Team See Gabrielle Yeager’s profile
See Gabrielle Yeager’s profile
Piper Trudeau Staff Writer / Swoop Team See Piper Trudeau’s profile
See Piper Trudeau’s profile
Hayley Elliott Staff Writer See Hayley Elliott’s profile
See Hayley Elliott’s profile
Aubrey Lane Staff Writer See Aubrey Lane’s profile
See Aubrey Lane’s profile
Chase Sapletal Staff Writer See Chase Sapletal’s profile
See Chase Sapletal’s profile
Ridley Geffre Staff Writer See Ridley Geffre’s profile
See Ridley Geffre’s profile
Amelia Beck Staff Writer See Amelia Beck’s profile
See Amelia Beck’s profile
Izzy Hunt Staff Writer See Izzy Hunt’s profile
See Izzy Hunt’s profile
Kayla Georgeson Staff Writer See Kayla Georgeson’s profile
See Kayla Georgeson’s profile
Aislinn Anderson Staff Writer See Aislinn Anderson’s profile
See Aislinn Anderson’s profile
Lyric Schowalter Staff Writer See Lyric Schowalter’s profile
See Lyric Schowalter’s profile
Isabella Frutiger Staff Writer See Isabella Frutiger’s profile
See Isabella Frutiger’s profile
Will Siebenaler Staff Writer See Will Siebenaler’s profile
See Will Siebenaler’s profile
Emily Pelzel Staff Writer See Emily Pelzel’s profile
See Emily Pelzel’s profile
J.F. Staff Writer See J.F.’s profile
See J.F.’s profile
Emma Schwartz Staff Writer See Emma Schwartz’s profile
See Emma Schwartz’s profile
Fatimah Yusef Staff Writer See Fatimah Yusef’s profile
See Fatimah Yusef’s profile
Audrey Gilbertson Staff Writer See Audrey Gilbertson’s profile
See Audrey Gilbertson’s profile
Axcel Yust Staff Writer See Axcel Yust’s profile
See Axcel Yust’s profile
Cole Henke Staff Writer See Cole Henke’s profile
See Cole Henke’s profile
Olivia Nowlin Staff writer See Olivia Nowlin’s profile
See Olivia Nowlin’s profile
Annika Bentley Staff writer See Annika Bentley’s profile
See Annika Bentley’s profile
Louis Gustafson Staff writer See Louis Gustafson’s profile
See Louis Gustafson’s profile
Lillian Ketchum Staff writer See Lillian Ketchum’s profile
See Lillian Ketchum’s profile
Imogen Holien Staff Writer and Cartoonist See Imogen Holien’s profile
See Imogen Holien’s profile
Brennan Brown Staff Cartoonist See Brennan Brown’s profile
See Brennan Brown’s profile
Zoey Paro Staff cartoonist See Zoey Paro’s profile
See Zoey Paro’s profile
Mr. Josh Welter Advisor See Mr. Josh Welter’s profile
See Mr. Josh Welter’s profile
Ms. Ruthie Erickson Advisor See Ms. Ruthie Erickson’s profile
See Ms. Ruthie Erickson’s profile
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